The un-official app for all the Walkers.


Secret Platform

With WalkerApp you can gain access to the secret Alan Walker Platform, exclusive for Walkers.

And hey! You can visit the topic by clicking here.

Listen to Alan!

With WalkerApp you can also listen to Alan Walker in your favorite platform (Spotify, YouTube, etc) or you can watch the releases too!

Quick Access

With WalkerApp you have quick access to a lot of pages of Alan Walker like "Merch or Store" and "Tours".

Art & Chat

With WalkerApp you can access to the exclusive sections of "Art" and "Chat", for all walkers.


WalkerApp is compatible with Android 4.0.0 and newer versions!

Download WalkerApp

This app is currently not available at the Google Play Store (Maybe soon),
but right now you can download the .APK in order to install and use the App!

Download WalkerApp.

Current: v1.0.1.
Download thanks to GitHub.

Walkers Needed!

This app was made by a Walker. And now as a Walker, I require the help of all the walkers.
If you want to help with translations, suggestions or reporting bugs, you are free to do it!

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