WalkerApp is an App for Android (soon iOS) where you can do a lot of things as an Alan Walker Fan (Walker)!

This application is created by a fan for all Walkers, without any economic purpose.

This application has no relation to "Spotify", "YouTube", "Alan Walker", "Mer Musikk", "Sony Music Entertainment" and/or any of the sites shown (Except by "Rascii.com"). Also, the app doesn't try to "violate" they (legal) terms in any way.

Only statistical data is collected when you enter "Rascii.com", all the data are saved or stored on cookies by Rascii but never shared to anyone [CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE].

As this application has no association with the sites it shows, if you want to see what information it collects and the legal terms of "W41K3R.COM", "Spotify.com", "YouTube.com", "store.alanwalker.no" and "Alanwalker.no", please, enter to the respective site that you wish to see and visit the terms stipulated by the owner(s).

Resources of this app (These resources have no relation to WalkerApp):

This policy may change.